Ackumen™ Connected Lab

The simple way to get water system sample analysis and insights

When it comes to water management, you spend a lot of time on manual onsite testing, time you often don’t have. To make matters worse, tests are often inaccurate or inconsistent. Results from water system sample analysis can depend on who is doing the sample testing, the type of test being used, and even subjective factors like color matching or tilting a sample bottle a certain way. Results are written down on a piece of paper, often with no interpretation or actionable recommendations to fine-tune your cooling, boiler or closed loop system.

What if you could…

  • Receive cooling water sample test results that are more accurate than manual field test results
  • Reduce time needed for onsite reps
  • Better understand your data within context
  • Get retroactive sensor calibration via Ackumen equipment and Insights Lab support
  • Test consistently on calibrated lab instruments
  • Have experts review your lab data and provide actionable insights and recommendations based on the data and its context


You can with Ackumen Connected Lab.

Ackumen Connected Lab water system sample analysis

Accurate water system sample analysis means richer insights into the health of your cooling, boiler or closed loop system

Connected Lab is integrated into Ackumen, our innovative digital water treatment platform. Water samples are drawn, assigned context through a QR-coded label and shipped to our lab in pre-labeled boxes. Once analysis is complete, the water treatment experts in the Insights Lab review the results and provide a full report on the health of your cooling, boiler or closed loop water system. This analysis is richer because they can see ALL available data with the right context: data from the manual water analysis is compared to data from our Ackumen cooling or boiler management programs, system survey data, inventory data and any other data entered into Ackumen. Using our patent-pending technology, our experts remotely calibrate all sensors.

Using Ackumen Connected Lab for

water system sample analysis is easy.

Connected Lab Water Sample Shipper

Order water sample shippers with prelabeled bottles.

Connected Lab water system sample
Collect your water system sample following the simple steps in Ackumen.
Connected Lab water system sample shipping

Send water system sample to the lab using the prepaid shipping label.

Connected Lab water system sample analysis
Receive analysis and insights from the Insights Lab in Ackumen.

Get more value from your water system sample analysis.

Send your cooling, boiler or closed loop water samples to Ackumen Connected Lab for actionable insights from real water treatment experts. Your water system analysis data will be captured and stored in the right context for future documentation and analysis. And you’ll get remote sensor health tuning based off accurate results. All backed by 24/7 support. Complete the form below to connect with a Buckman Digital Water rep to learn more.

Experience a new kind of water management today.


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