Insights Lab

Remote monitoring by water and data experts

The Insights Lab, Buckman Digital Water’s expert remote monitoring, manages your water system on your behalf, around the clock. The Insights Lab is the human side of our Ackumen™ platform, which is made up of the most advanced digital technologies available and created to bring you the actionable insights you need to make water management simple. It is here that insights are formed, decisions are informed, and water system management is transformed from a game of guessing and reactive dosing to a precise, proactive, data-driven protocol that saves time, chemistry and money.

expert remote monitoring

All experts all the time
The Insights Lab is staffed 24/7 by a blend of chemical engineers and data scientists who bring with them solid expertise you can rely on. In fact, current Insights Lab personnel have almost 60 years of combined experience recognizing trends, interpreting data, solving existing problems and preventing new ones.

Continuous monitoring
If your system experienced an adverse event at 4:00 in the morning, would you know? How easy is it for you to separate false alarms from serious ones? With Ackumen supported by the Insights Lab, we can help solve these and other common water management problems. Our aim is to assess every alarm and help identify false ones. We strive to fix what needs fixing, update you, and let you know if your action is needed or if in-person service is recommended. In addition, we can leverage our team of experts around the world to troubleshoot and help solve problems fast.

Advanced data analytics
As the Insights Lab receives a steady stream of cloud-based data from Ackumen, Lab experts analyze that data to bring a level of understanding never before possible. Chemical engineers working closely with data science experts enables us to see “around the bend” and analyze patterns that are not visible to the naked eye.

The Insights Lab can help keep your operation running efficiently with:


Diagnostic analytics


Predictive modeling and prescriptive analytics


Historical data analytics


Benchmarking and best practices

Experience a new kind of water management today.


Buckman Digital Water brings facility managers a level of control, efficiency, accuracy and ease that makes water management hands off. Fill out the Contact Us form if you are interested in learning more about Buckman Digital Water.


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