Track your industrial water, chemistry and energy usage as you go

Forecasting your budget is difficult when your industrial water treatment program keeps changing to meet business needs. With Buckman Digital Water, you can track your total spend on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis instead of waiting for the bill. The key is the spend and usage transparency you get with our technology, like the Ackumen™ Smart Dispenser and analytics from the Insights Lab. You’ll see exactly how much water, chemistry, and energy you’re using—not just months after the fact, but as it happens. When you can track and predict your usage better, you can optimize how you spend.

For example, you might buy ahead at a time of year when pricing is advantageous. Or you might predict that you’ll run short in six months, so that your upper management isn’t blindsided by that future budget request. The bottom line is that you can defend how you’re managing the business’s resources.


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