Translate water treatment alarms to action

Alarms don’t help you tighten your control if they’re so technical that you have to wait for your rep’s help. With Buckman Digital Water, you can translate alarms into immediate action. That’s possible because our Insights Lab monitors your water treatment system 24/7, reviewing alarms and fine-tuning your system remotely. When a situation calls for you to intervene locally, they’ll alert your facility team along with clear context and strategy.

 For example, if your system shows a low conductivity alarm, our experts will have enough context and data from all the sensors we are tracking to know it could indicate that your tower is overflowing, so they’ll instruct you to check the float valve for that cooling tower basin.

When you know exactly what to do in the moment, you can correct problems quicker and more effectively. That means you could stop water and chemicals from going down the drain or prevent equipment damage before it happens and be better protected against health and safety risks. And you won’t have to deal with the fatigue of alarms constantly going off—you’ll see only the ones that matter.


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