Understand your water system at a glance

Technical details matter, but they aren’t the most effective way to communicate what’s going on with your industrial water system. With Buckman Digital Water’s mobile app, you can understand your water system at a glance.

You’ll check a simple home screen that presents your system status in the context of business outcomes such as efficiency or health & safety. Glancing at the four color-coded tiles will instantly show you whether you need to act. A green tile says all is well, a yellow tile shows that Buckman has handled an issue for you remotely, and a red tile means you should take specified actions right away.

You can also respond inside the app—for example, if we notify you that we increased your biocide feed because an ORP level was lower than expected, you can tap to approve or reject the change. You can also open any of the tiles to find out more about the underlying technical data. This way, you can stay in control of your water no matter where you go.

Experience a new kind of water management today.



Buckman Digital Water brings facility managers a level of control, efficiency, accuracy and ease that makes water management hands off. Fill out the Contact Us form if you are interested in learning more about Buckman Digital Water.


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