Verify your industrial water chemical feed

Legionella concerns are driving increased scrutiny around industrial water treatment safety. With Buckman Digital Water, you can verify your chemical feed—in other words, you can prove that you’re doing what it takes to minimize the risk of microbial growth. That’s possible with our health and safety tools, like our OxiSure™ technology that shows you the correct amount of biocide to feed based on your system’s needs, not on a standard schedule. And our Ackumen™ Smart Dispenser tracks what you dispense. Not only can you show that you kicked on the relay, but you can also show a measurable change in water stream to prove the chemical made it into the water.

By using these tools, you’re minimizing the likelihood of microbial growth that causes human health hazards. You’re also optimizing your chemistry spend by making sure you don’t overfeed biocide. And you’re tracking usage so closely that chemicals can ship automatically before they run out.


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