IT can use Safe Mode on Windows 10 desktops to eliminate software components one at a time to find and replace the problem software. I hope this simple and easy Windows how-to guide helped you. Click on the Power off symbol and choose Restart.

In September 2019, Microsoft hid the option to create a local account during a fresh installation if a PC is connected to the internet. This move was criticized by users who did not want to use an online Microsoft account. Windows 10 version 1703 and later do not support Intel Clover Trail system-on-chips, per Microsoft’s stated policy of only providing updates for devices during their OEM support period. In April 2021, the ability to run Linux applications using a graphical user interface, such as Audacity, directly in Windows, was introduced as a preview.

How To Take a Screenshot in Windows 10

Safe mode disables most of your processes, services, startup items, and drivers, allowing you to run malware scans or look for other potential problems quickly. Most malware can be tricky to remove if you’re not in safe mode because you can’t delete files that are in use. By booting into safe mode, those files will no longer be locked.

This takes you to the Advanced Boot Options screen. From here you can choose, what kind of Safe Mode you want to boot Windows in. You can use the F8 key in Windows 7 to enter Advanced Options before the system boots up the OS. This feature does not work for Windows 10, by default. You can make this work on your Windows 10 PC with a little tinkering with the Boot Configuration Data on your system. If your Windows 10 PC has crashed and just has a black screen, it means that your PC has run into a problem.

The aforementioned flaw affects basic components such as the Start menu or the Taskbar. You can still use the local account on your Windows 10 computer, and then use the Microsoft account to download and install apps from Windows Store. The hard disk drive within a computer stores all of the device’s persistent, or secondary, storage. As computer users download more applications, create more… After launching setup.exe or the Media Creation tool, you’ll have the choice to upgrade now or to create an installation ISO/USB drive — you want to Upgrade this PC now.

  • You can also control this and other gaming features in the dedicated Gaming section of Settings.
  • The simplest way to restore DVD functionality to Windows 10 is to download a free, open source media player that includes the required MPEG-2 codec.
  • Aside from the above features, there are some other differences between the two versions of Windows.
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If you have tried booting Windows into Safe Mode with any of the above options and you still can’t click Enable Safe Mode, press either 4 or F4 to access it. If you need network connectivity, press 5 or F5 to enable safe mode with networking. One very important thing to note is that booting from a recovery drive is NOT going to offer you an option to boot Windows 10 safe mode right away.

Method 2: Using The Sniping Tool To Take More Flexible Screenshots

Choose the one that’s most relevant to you by pressing the related number on your keyboard. This will reboot your computer into the Advanced startup tool. You may also be able to reach this screen by pressing the Windows Key, typing “advanced startup” into the search bar, and selecting “change advanced startup options” from the search results. After your device powers up, you’ll see a ‘Choose an option’ menu, follow these steps, first hit Troubleshoot, then Advanced options, then startup settings, and finally restart. After your Windows 10 device restarts, you’ll have various options in front of you, you want to select number 4, do this by pressing F4. If you need networking capabilities in safe mode (i.e. the ability to connect to the internet) press F5 instead.

Boot to Safe Mode via installation USB

A screenshot is an image taken of whatever’s on your computer system’s or laptop’s screen. Here, we are going to demonstrate to you how to take a screenshot in Windows. All the screenshot methods discussed above have different pros and cons. If you want a lot more “screenshoting” power and flexibility, you may want to try Snagit by Techsmith (no that’s not an affiliate link).