Change the state of your water management.

Water treatment is just one part of your job. But it’s becoming more of a burden.

Facility staff and water experts are becoming scarcer while water safety regulations and sustainability demands are growing. There are a lot of eyes on how you’re using water. Those eyes don’t see what you’re dealing with behind the scenes. But between you and your water treatment provider, there’s a lot to manage in addition to the chemicals.

The true problem with water treatment is awareness.

You need continuous insight across your entire water treatment process and how it’s affecting your critical business goals. The more simple and transparent water treatment becomes, the more you’re empowered to take ownership over its outcomes.

Monitor your water treatment system 24/7/365

To clarify water treatment and keep your assets working reliably you must be able to monitor your water treatment system 24/7/365 and make continuous adjustments based on the right data – without having to staff experts around the clock. You must also be able to predictively maintain your sensors and equipment based on need, rather than a set schedule and triage your operational decisions based on how water is correlated to business and sustainability imperatives.

Take ownership of your water treatment outcomes

When you do this, you can improve your performance against key benchmarks like reducing wasted water and energy and minimizing health risks. You can also optimize your labor so that the right people are doing the right work, turning water treatment from a mysterious chore into a straightforward experience. And ultimately, you can make your business more sustainable for the future.

Buckman Digital Water brings you a level of control, efficiency, accuracy and ease that makes water management hands off.

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You face many challenges when it comes to treating your water system. See how Buckman Digital Water is different from other solutions when it comes to solving these challenges.

It’s hard to tell how the system is doing at any given time because conditions aren’t static or predictable when it comes to systems like cooling towers and boilers.

Manage system performance around the clock

Problems can build up fast when you’re not looking. Read more.

Understand your water at a glance

Technical details matter, but they aren’t the most effective way to communicate what’s going on with your water. Read more.

Put readings into context

Context directly affects the decisions you make about your water treatment system. Read more.

Water treatment is getting harder, not easier, and tighter parameters come at a cost.

Translate alarms into action

Alarms don’t help you tighten your control if they’re so technical that you have to wait for your rep’s help. Read more.

Test on your timeline

Improving your results requires frequent testing. Read more.

Swap out sensors before they fail

It’s important to calibrate and clean the sensors on a controller frequently. Read more.

Water treatment has a hidden impact on business and sustainability goals.

Safely cycle your system higher without increased labor cost

Cycling your water helps you conserve, but it also concentrates minerals and forces you to watch the system more closely. Read more.

Track your usage as you go

Forecasting your budget is difficult when your water treatment program keeps changing to meet business needs. Read more.

Verify your chemical feed

Legionella concerns are driving increased scrutiny around water treatment safety. Read more.

Experience a new kind of water management today.


Buckman Digital Water brings facility managers a level of control, efficiency, accuracy and ease that makes water management hands off. Fill out the Contact Us form if you are interested in learning more about Buckman Digital Water.


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